DogzAdda is a step towards showing the pet lovers the right path

    We will sell the pets and offer pet services

    We will sell the pets and offer pet services

    We offer genuine pets

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    We at Dogzadda, seek to educate, inform, and encourage owners to know what best can be done for their dog(s). We connect pet owners with the best sources to pamper their pets with quality food, health and grooming. You will have an arena of breeds and respective information. Dogzadda offers a sea lot of services pet adoption, vet, pet food & accessories, boarding, pet training and grooming. We even offer a dog taxi.

    Best in industry Best In The Industry  Best in industry

    In the pets world, we would like to introduce our self as the most well respected, eminent and novel organization.

    Customer SupportCustomer Support  Customer Support

    Have a question? Let us know we’re dog fanatics 24X7, and you can drop us a note anytime.

    Why Dogzadda

    Quality Product Best Quality Products

    Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier pets in. It is what the customer gets out & is willing to pay for satisfaction.

    Pet Care  Special Care On Pets

    Dogzadda can help to save your pet the discomfort of advanced illness & help to save you the stress & expense of treatment.

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