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Dogs Grooming

How much grooming a dog needs depends on its breed

Hair Brushing

  • Get rid of any mats or toggles before the bath using a demoting tool
  • Use a dashedding tool or a brush to reduce excess hair
  • Examine the body for any ticks or infections


Hair Trimming

  • Dogs might need there hair trimmed before bathing areas that might need to be trimmed
  • Excessive hair around the anus that is trapping faces
  • Areas around the ears
  • Excessive hair around the eyes that is obscuring vision
  • Common Matt or tangle areas

Paw Care

  • Examine dog’s paws for any scratches or infections
  • Remove debris or seeds stuck between the toes

Nail Trimming

  • Have your styptic powder at hand’s reach
  • Identify the quick’s position, which is the pink area of the nail
  • Cut below the quick
  • Cut small portion of the nail and reward your dog
  • If the nail starts bleeding apply the styptic powder
  • Keep going progressively rewarding him now and again


  • Start slowing with low pressure warm water, wash from the neck down as the dog’s head and face are very sensitive
  • Avoid wetting dog’s ears
  • Apply the dog shampoo and massage into coat
  • After you have cleaned most of his body, wash his intimate parts
  • Slowly wash off the shampoo(optional) Apply dog hair conditioner and wash again
  • Finish up by washing all the shampoo that’s left
  • Reward with a treat and praise


  • Gently use a dry towel(optional) Next use a blow dryer on “cold”
  • If used, avoid pointing the dryer to sensitive areas such as eyes and ears
  • If used, keep the dryer at a safe distance
  • Once dry, Apply paw moisturizer
  • Reward with a treat and praise

Ear Cleaning

  • Use a medicated solution to carefully flush the dirt in the ears wait 3 to 5 minutes
  • Clean gently with cotton wads
  • Reward with a treat and praise

Teeth Cleaning

  • Use a toothpaste for dogs and a pet toothbrush
  • Start from the back and work towards the front move the brush cirularly
  • Gently clean the gum line